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Gather your documents
Use our free tax organizer to help you get started.

Don't know what documents you need to gather up? Our tax organizing worksheet is a great starting point. It asks you a variety of probing questions to aid us in preparing your return.

The tax organizing worksheet and many other useful tools are available for download. Once you fill out and sign the tax organizer, call or email us to make an appointment. During your appointment, our tax specialist will discuss your tax organizer with you and address any questions you may have. We prepare an engagement letter which gives you a price quote along with a list of services to be provided.

Call us at (719) 286-0829 or email us at
to schedule an appointment to discuss your tax organizer

We prepare your federal and/or state taxes
Any questions will be clarified with you by phone or email.

After you provide us all your documents along with a signed engagement letter we will prepare your tax return. If we need any additional information from you we will contact you by phone or email, whichever you prefer. When we finish, we will provide you your completed return for your records along with the bill for our services.

You sign and return the tax documents
Your signature allows us to e-file your federal and state returns.

Along with your return, we will provide you an electronic filing authorization form (example blank form). The purpose of this form is to summarize your tax return and it authorizes us to e-file your federal or state return. If this is your first year doing taxes with us, you will need to show us two forms of identification, one of which must have a picture. Once we receive the signed forms and your payment, we will e-file your federal and state tax returns.