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Individual or Joint Tax Organizing Documents

The tax organizing worksheet asks you a few probing questions to aid us in preparing your return. If you have any additional information that affects you taxes for this year, be sure you include it as an attachment when you give us the completed and signed tax organizer.

 download tax organizing worksheet

Small Business or Rental Property Worksheets

Do you operate your own small business? Rent out real-estate property? If so, download these supplemental tax organizing worksheets to aid in organizing your income and expenses. This document can be used throughout the year to help you group your income and expenses into categories that must be reported on your income tax return.

 download sole proprietor supplement

 download S Corporation supplement

 download rental property supplement

Engagement Letter

This engagement letter is a sample of what we provide our clients before we prepare their returns. In short, it summarizes what services we will provide and what we expect from our clients. Please read it and our privacy policy carefully before signing and returning to us.

 download sample engagement letter